The Perfect Interview

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Finding the perfect employee can be tricky. You want to find that perfect person that suits not only the job role but also your organisation. This means your interview should be the best it can possibly be to ensure the best possible outcome. Below are 7 steps to help you conduct the perfect job interview and find the perfect candidate:

Truly understand what you need for the role

Make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. What experience or qualifications would you like to see?

Determine how you will find that perfect person

If you’re looking for an individual with a professional qualification, should you advertise directly with the professional body? Are you looking for someone from a specific career sector? Is there a job board catered specifically to them?

To make sure you find the right person you need to advertise in the right place. There are now so many ways to advertise your position so get creative!

Thoroughly explain the recruitment process to every interviewee

To make sure that you get a true reflection of the interviewee, they should be well prepared and confident. If they are nervous you may not see what they can bring to your organisation. Therefore, make sure that all applicants know what to expect. Will there be 1 interview or 2? Will there be an assessment or a presentation? If the applicants are prepared they will feel more relaxed and at ease.

Make sure you have fully read the applicants CV

Make notes and write some questions about their CV/application form, that way you will feel ready and know what questions you are going to ask. For example:

– What did they accomplish in their previous job role?
– What projects did they work on?
– Why did they get promoted?
– Ensure that the interview is a two way conversation

The best interviews are conversations that flow, that way you learn about each other. Obviously you want to know about the candidate but they also want to find out about your Company.

Make sure that you listen and acknowledge what the candidate is saying, which leads us on to your next point…

Always ask follow up questions

Often, the most revealing information comes from follow-up questions. Listen to the candidates initial answer, then ask another question. For example:

– Why?
– When?
– How did this situation turn out?
– What was learned from this?
– Follow-up questions enable candidate to go into more detail.

Describe the next steps in the process

At the end of the interview always describe the rest of the recruitment process. Explain what you will do and when you plan to do it so that the candidate understands and knows what’s going to happen next.

If you would like to discuss interview techniques or the recruitment process further, talk to one of our Consultants today.