Recruitment Services

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Personal Recruitment Service

Recruitment of the right team is essential to the overall development of your business. Here at PicassoHR we provide a personal service exclusively to our existing clients. Because we already know our clients well, you’ll find we are the perfect recruiting partner for your business, making sure we reflect your personality and values in the process. Once complete, you will be presented with a short-list of potential candidates that have not not only been pre-screened for capability but also for ‘organisational fit’.

What we do

We can be involved as much or as little as you need in the recruiting process. we will:

  • Collaborate with you in the preparation of your initial job advert and role description;
  • Advertise on our own social media and via various other mediums;
  • Manage back office administration, including interview acknowledgements and candidate contact;
  • Carry out all stage interviews from telephone interviews through to second stage inteviews;
  • Create a talent pool of all applicants for your exclusive use for future positions.

Our recruitment services are available to existing clients at a fixed cost and at a considerably lower price than conventional recruitment agencies; ultimately saving you money as well as time.