Health and Safety

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Safety in the Workplace

Health and Safety in the workplace is an integral part of any business. Therefore at PicassoHR support and guidance is provided on all aspects of workplace safety. For any organisation, the safety of their employees and those affected by their work, should be paramount. The current legislation surrounding health and safety is about sensible, proportionate actions that subsequently protect people. Incorporating this function into your day-to-day management is essential.

Workplace safety law is continually evolving. Consequently rules and new regulations are being regularly introduced. It is therefore necessary for your organisation to keep up to date with the fast pace of this ever-changing legislation. Complacency due to disregard for the law, can now lead to legal action, fines and other hidden costs.

A requirement of your business may be that your organisation has a formal health and safety policy. Contained within this policy may be:

  • method statements
  • risk assessments
  • COSHH information; and/or
  • permits to work

We work closely with dedicated and experienced Health and Safety Consultants. In the aim of alleviating the pressure on your organisation to manage the safety of your employees. Our HR Consultants are consequently on hand to support you in the implementation of any necessary policies, to ensure compliance with current legislation.