Conflict Management

Conflict Management, Human Resources, HR Outsourcing Consultancy, PicassoHR Ltd, Ipswich, Suffolk

Conflict can be a taboo word in the workplace. The obvious ideal for any organisation is to have a happy and engaged workforce, however, from time to time situations may arise where employees simply can’t see eye-to-eye.

Sometimes an informal chat may be enough to get relationships back on track but in some cases a more structured approach will be necessary. Seemingly harmless disagreements between employees that turn into disputes, can, if not dealt with quickly and effectively, become highly detrimental to your business, leading to a lowering of staff moral and divisions between team members.

Common reasons for conflict in the workplace:
  • Clash of personality
  • Misunderstandings
  • Bullying
  • Ineffectual management

At PicassoHR we use conflict management as a tool to resolve workplace disputes that have not been resolved through alternate means. Our Consultants act as a neutral third party to resolve disputes in a confidential and informal way. We work with all parties involved guiding them to a mutually agreeable solution. By stepping in early it is possible to repair any relationship damage before it reaches a critical or permanent point, helping to get employees and your business back on track – in a more cohesive way and with a heightened sense of awareness.