Recruiting – How to Recruit the Best Candidates

The recruitment marketplace can be tricky, trying to meet your business needs whilst ensuring that what you are offering is going to entice the right candidates is a balancing act. But what really turns candidates off when you offer them a position with your company? CV Library has conducted a survey to find out just that. Below is a table of their findings.

As you can see from the graph, 20% of candidates are ‘turned off’ by poor management, the basis for the poor management is not specified, however if candidates have been unimpressed with the interview process they may have a lack of confidence in overall management.

6.1% of those asked cited unclear job description as a ‘turn off’. When employing people, whether it be for a previously established role or for a brand new role it is imperative that you provide a job description of what you want the candidate in the role to achieve so that they have a clear understanding of what they are going to be asked to do. The job role may well evolve over time, however an initial job description is just as important.

Long winded application processes may put candidates off, the majority of candidates expect either a one-step or two-step interview process and would expect to hear the outcome of the recruitment process quite quickly, excellent candidates will be in high demand and if the recruitment process is longer in one organisation than another, these candidates may be ‘snapped up’ during a shorter recruitment process.

What is the key to good recruitment?
  • Job description – ensure you know what you want the person filling the job to do.
  • Person specification – make sure you know what you are looking for in the person fulfilling the job role.
  • Salary – be realistic about the salary you are prepared to offer, make sure it is current with other companies and similar roles in your region.

If you expect the recruitment process to be lengthy ensure you communicate this to candidates so they are not waiting too long to hear from you. If in the past you have had a high turnover of staff try and identify the reasons for this and put in place things that will hopefully reduce the turnover of staff in the future.

The recruitment process is a 2 way street, you will be looking to see what the candidates have to offer you, but they will also be looking to see what you have to offer them, if you are late to the interview they will not be overly impressed in the same way that you would not be impressed if they were late for interview.