Disciplinary V. Capability

Quite often a question we get asked is whether an employee should go through a disciplinary procedure or a capability procedure. The main difference to determine the two is whether they are willing but not capable or whether they are capable but not willing. Capability Capability is usually when an employee is willing to perform a […]

Fit for Work Scheme

In 2011 the Government commissioned Dame Carol Black and David Frost CBE to critically look at sickness absence in Great Britain, they produced a report entitled ‘Health at Work – an independent review of sickness absence’. In 2013 the Governments response to their report was ‘Fitness for Work: The Government response to ‘Health at Work’ – […]

Mental Health at Work

There have been a lot of reports in the news in recent months surrounding stress and mental health such as depression and anxiety, but how as an employer should you handle the situation? Government figures show an increase of 24% from 2009 to 2013 in employees being absent from work due to stress, depression and […]

Statutory Changes -April 2016

Maternity Pay and Sick Rates – Frozen We usually see an annual increase in statutory maternity pay and sick pay year on year, with increases usually seen in April. The increases are usually in line with the consumer price index (CPI), which fell by 0.1% in 2015. The Government has proposed no annual increase in […]

Giving References – Our Top Tips

When an employee leaves their job role, regardless of their reason, it is likely that they will ask their previous employer for a reference at some point. There are lots of misconceptions and concerns around giving references, so here are our top tips. Are reference confidential? Whilst the Data Protection Act does permit a previous […]

Absences and Major Sporting Events

2016 sees a huge abundance of major sporting events, with many of us getting involved by travelling to see them live or at the very least ‘getting behind our team’ in front of the TV or radio.  Whilst these events can promote a certain amount of patriotism and camaraderie amongst employees, there are also issues that […]

Managing Performance Appraisals

How can appraisals assist with managing an employees performance? An annual appraisal can help to ensure that you as a manager are having a discussion with your employees about their performance, their future aspirations for their role, your future aspirations for their role and maintaining communication with them at least once a year. It is […]

Legal Highs in the Workplace

In 2014/15, in England, Scotland and Wales there were 129 deaths compared to just four in 2009, due to ‘Legal Highs’. There has been an increase during recent years in the sale and use of so called ‘Legal Highs’ and earlier this year, the Centre for Social Justice found that the number of people receiving […]

Employment Law Update: 2016

Employment legislation is usually introduced and updated twice throughout the year; April and October. This period has been dominated by the news of the National Living Wage. However, there are a number of other changes which you need to be aware of: 1 April 2016 The National Living Wage is introduced: Workers over the age […]

EADT Business Awards 2016

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about the EADT Business Awards and we are proud to be sponsoring the Small Business category once again. The Small Business Award is open to any business with an annual turnover of less than £1million, regardless of how long the business has been trading. […]