Dress Code/Appearance in the Workplace

Dress code in the workplace has become a recent news issue with employees being made to wear high heels in their role. The BBC reported on the issue on the 11 May where an employee had been told to go and buy a pair of heels or go home without pay as she had arrived for […]

Declining Holiday Requests

The sun is beginning to shine (at last) and with the threat of an increase in the cost of holidaying abroad, this summer is likely to be more popular for holiday requests, than ever before. Holiday is more than a statutory right. It allows employees to rest and recuperate and maintains well-being and a work/life balance so […]

What does ‘Pokemon Go’ mean for the workplace

The UK release of Nintendo’s free Pokémon Go game in the past few days has created a huge buzz around the world. The game is available on Apple IOS and Android portable devices, and is targeted to encourage users to get up and go outside. Using GPS technology consumers are able to hunt and capture […]

What is Mental Health

Mental ill health can range from anxiety and depression to severe mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Mental health is just as important as physical health; our minds can become unwell just like our bodies. According to the CIPD (2015) Absence Management Survey, ‘the number of employers citing a rise in reported mental health […]

Jolly Holidays – the need for a proper handover

We are now officially in the summer time (although it appears that the British weather has not got the memo). The summer is often a popular time for employees to take annual leave. Once you have approved their holiday, you want to make sure that the employee has an effective and sound handover. When an […]

National Living Wage – Government urges not to cut benefits

The Government rolled out the National Living Wage on 1 April 2016 for workers over 25 which entitles these workers to a minimum wage of £7.20 per hour. This will undeniably have a financial impact on many businesses, with the national wage bill rising by £1.5bn and little guidance from the Government as to how […]

The potential effects of the EU referendum on HR practices

The 23 June 2016 is soon approaching, and the nation will be voting whether or not Britain should remain in the European Union; Britain’s future is not certain. If Britain decides to leave the EU, then this would undoubtedly have an effect on the workplace – directly and indirectly. The European Union (EU) has played […]

Calculating holiday pay – recent developments

Calculating holiday pay has been causing confusion for a couple of years. It has been questioned what earnings should be included in holiday payments. Back in November 2014 the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decided that compulsory non-guaranteed overtime payments should be included in the calculation of holiday pay, but the issue of voluntary overtime was […]

Can a comment such as ‘pull yourself together’ cost your business?

The short answer is yes. Comments such as ‘pull yourself together’ can be seen as disregarding the feelings of an employee, trivialising what they may have going on in their lives both personally and professionally. Specsavers made this mistake and it has cost them £7,500 in awards to an ex-employee. The Situation The employee was […]

Employment Law: Myth V. Reality

Employment Law: Myth V. Reality Employment law can often seem complicated and difficult to navigate. There are often common misconceptions surrounding the law and its interpretation. Below we look at some of the common myths of employment law and explain the real process. Myth: Making someone redundant is easier than dealing with the real issues […]