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Recruiting – How to Recruit the Best Candidates

The recruitment marketplace can be tricky, trying to meet your business needs whilst ensuring that what you are offering is going to entice the right candidates is a balancing act. But what really turns candidates off when you offer them a position with your company? CV Library has conducted a survey to find out just that. Below […]

Legislation – Whats due in the next 12 months?

Employment legislation is constantly evolving and sometimes it feels overwhelming trying to keep up with what is current. Below we have outlined what legislation we expect to come into force and the legislation we expect to change over the next 12 months. Immigration Act 2016 – This act will provide new powers for immigration officers to close down […]

Rest Breaks for Pregnant Employees

Regardless of the type of work, length of service or shift pattern, all employees who work for more than 6 hours per shift are entitled to a rest break, and all employees are entitled to rest periods regardless of whether they work more than or less than 6 hours per shift. When an employee falls pregnant […]

When is a Contract of Employment formed?

A contract is not only formed when you sign on the dotted line, it can also become legally binding when accepted in verbal format. In the case of McCann vs Snozone Ltd 2016, the employer was ordered to pay the candidate one months’ salary as they had made a verbal offer of employment to McCann, which […]

Motivation: Pizza, Compliments or Money?

Do you know what really motivates your employees? Dan Ariely, who has an upcoming book, ‘Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations’, decided to do a week long experiment at a factory in Israel to try and find out and give us some clues. The experiment split the employees into groups with different rewards […]

Speak English Only Policy – Is it legal?

This is a question that many employers ask if they can introduce a Speaking English Only Policy in the workplace.   The answer to this question is dependent on your motives. English Speaking Only Policies are unlawful if they are used for discriminatory purposes against any worker(s) or if they show that ‘less favourable’ treatment is being […]

Digital Disconnection in the Workplace

Since the advent of the mobile phone our use of technology has increased exponentially. Social media is now a staple of the workplace much of which is managed from our phones, meetings are organised from our PC’s and laptops, email communications have replaced telephone conversations and meetings, presentations and seminars are often undertaken virtually. Many […]

Delivering Constructive Feedback

Everybody needs feedback to build and develop any relationship, whether it is personal or professional; positive or constructive. Ideally constructive feedback should be given in a timely manner. Delivered badly, feedback can be destructive and ‘rot’ can set in. Feedback is an excellent tool to help you encourage and discourage certain behaviours but it needs […]

Sexual Harassment at Work

The TUC have recently conducted a survey which has found that half of women in the workplace have been subjected to sexual harassment, many of which have not felt able to report it. The survey was conducted across 1500 women, 52% of which cited that they had been subjected to sexual harassment, a third had […]

Fixed Term Contracts

Fixed-term contracts last for a certain amount of time or end when a specific task or event is completed. Employees on fixed-term contracts must receive the same treatment as full-time, permanent staff doing the same or similar job. It is important for employers to remember that once a fixed-term worker has been employed by you […]