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Human Resourcing: The Basics

Sometimes it is important to take things back to basics to really understand the importance of HR. What does HR stand for? HR refers to Human Resources. We need to remember that it is the ‘human resources’ who make up the workforce of an organisation, business sector or economy. What is HR? It’s the part […]

Our Guide to TUPE: What you need to know

When a business is sold to a different organisation, workers have their terms and conditions protected by the TUPE Regulations. TUPE refers to the ‘Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006’ (ACAS, TUPE applies to a vast number of business transactions whether they are large international companies or one-man-bands; there are no exceptions […]

Discrimination: Faith in the Workplace

Everyone is entitled to equal rights when it comes to their religious beliefs, but these can sometimes become compromised within an office environment. It is an issue that affects the whole working world, regardless of an employee’s standing, from the lowest to the highest paid employee. It is against the law for someone to bully […]

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Employees today are working longer. There are not many people that I can know who have retired at 60 or 65.  My own Mother, through choice, at 76 is still working strong with no intentions of retiring soon, my Dad, worked until he was 81, and my Nan, until she was 79.  On average, people are staying in work up into their 80’s, and due to this we are, for first time […]

Diversity: LGBT+ Inclusion

Business owners are often told that they need to ensure they are treating employees equally, fairly and consistently. Perhaps we need to turn this on its head? Everyone is different and the world is not a level playing field. We are made up of a diverse workforce and cultures which includes LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, […]

Cyber Attacks: Are you Protected?

The largescale cyber attack which targeted worldwide companies (including the NHS) recently has to make us wake-up and assess our own Cyber Security; we must learn from the recent cyber-attack. Tens of thousands of computers were attacked worldwide, across 99 countries. Many of the organisations were still using out of date operating systems such as […]

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Understanding the new GCSE’s

GCSE grades are changing. For the last 30 years, employers have advertised positions and required candidates to have a certain number of GCSE’s at a certain level, e.g. 5 GCSE’s grade C or above. As an employer, you need to understand the GCSE reform: the 9 to 1 grading structure. This summer, students will have […]

The Right to be Accompanied

What does it mean? Who can I bring? At a formal meeting, a companion is there to present and or sum up the employee’s case, say things to support their case and speak to the employee during the hearing. The employee’s companion can’t answer questions on their behalf. By definition the employee’s companion is a […]

Calculating Holiday and Overtime Payments

The notion of what should be included in holiday pay calculation (overtime and commission) has been a contentious issue since it first appeared in the news in 2014. Since then, various tribunal cases have consistently depicted what should be included in the calculation of holiday pay when an employee goes on annual leave. Overview of what […]

Employment Law: Myth v. Reality

Employment law can often seem complicated and difficult to navigate. There are often common misconceptions surrounding the law and its interpretation. Below we look at some of the common myths of employment law and explain the real process. Myth: Making someone redundant is easier than dealing with the real issues relating to performance. Reality: This […]