HRIS Security

At Picasso HR we take security very seriously. Rest assured we have taken all necessary steps to ensure data is adequately protected.

The communications across the Internet use industry standard SSL - the same techniques the banks use. The web site has a Thwate digital certificate.

Our servers are hardened against attacks from the Internet and we employ intrusion detection techniques. Multiple layers of defence ensure the protection of information.

Our servers are located on different sites and the HR information is replicated in real time. If a server fails then users are automatically able to access the standby, thought this may take a few minutes. One of our servers has dual power supplies and dual hard disks which are hot swappable in the event of a failure.

Security Recommendations

Because of the availability of keyloggers (both hardware and software) we recommend that the HRIS is only accessed from trusted machines. We strongly recommend that Internet Cafes are avoided.

Ensure you have a recent Web Browser - no more than 4 years old. Very old browsers only support 40 bit encryption which nowadays only affords privacy protection. A determined attacker would be successful.

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