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How Healthy are your Human Resources?


Company HR HealthCheck

Ensuring that you comply with the latest employment legislation and making sure you have the necessary policies and records in place can be a time-consuming process that is often put to the bottom of the pile.

To avoid unnecessary worry and workload, why not take advantage of our free HR Health Check? We will come to you and undertake an assessment of your personnel files and policy compliance. On completion we’ll produce a personalised report for you using a traffic light system to detail areas requiring improvement or amendment, to ensure compliance with employment legislation.

We know how precious your time is so, if you would prefer why not download our user assessment forms and assess carry out your own HR Health Check? Our documents enable you to look at each of the necessary compliance areas to give an idea of how your business is functioning at an HR level. You can then contact us for any additional help you might need.

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Spot Check Personnel File Audit

Another area of concern for many employers is whether they have the right information within their personnel files, such as copies of the employee’s driving licence, appraisal and training record, bank details etc. A Spot Check of between 1-3 of your employee personnel records is therefore a quick but effective way to ensure that you are keeping all the records you are legally obliged to. We do include this within our Consultant led HR Health Check however these documents are also available to download for you to complete yourself together with our notes on what you need to be looking for to ensure you comply with standard employment legislation.

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We want to help you, so it’s always worth remembering that you are not on your own, if you need any guidance in completing your HR Health Check, we’re just a phone call away.